Suffering In The World

Why is there so much suffering in the world? It is clear, when you take a minute to look around, that the world is broken. Natural disasters, diseases, and human cruelty are rampant and the suffering is immense. Where did all of it come from?

I’d venture to say man is responsible for it all. If man weren’t always tearing each other apart, we would be much more advanced as a civilization than we are today. Natural disasters would no longer be disasters, and most diseases would be prevented, cured, or eradicated. The thing is; human cruelty is inherent and impossible to get rid of. It is built into our nature to be cruel because we are inherently selfish, deceitful, and destructive. This is the greatest hindrance to progress, and it comes from a separation between man and the Creator of the universe.

Why would God create such beings like us? For His glory… How can men bring glory to God? Because we are created in His image, and have incredible potential to do great good, or great evil. This paradox is made a reality through free will. When God created man, He gave us the choice to either choose Him, or choose ourselves. Choose life or choose death. Choose love, or choose all that is in opposition to it. Our purpose was to worship God, but instead we chose to worship ourselves. He gave us this choice because He wanted us to choose to love Him. Love, after all, is not love unless it is a choice. And so, evil stole into man and into the world.

The separation from our creator, in that moment, became real and awful. All that is good and right and true comes from God, and all that is wrong, broken, and dark comes from His absence in the heart of man. Ultimately suffering comes from a long line of bad choices going all the way back to our original mother and father.

If man had not been separated from God the world would be a much different place. This may seem like an obvious statement, but lets look at the reality of it. There would be no diseases because all mankind would be perfect and in the presence of the Healer. There would be no disasters because science and human ingenuity would not be hindered by wars, politics, naivety, or broken minds. There would be no poverty and therefore millions would not die in earthquakes and tsunami’s. Human creativity and our ability to create art would be unhindered and magnified greatly because of our direct connection the ultimate and infinite Muse, God.

While it is sad to see what was lost and is lost on a daily basis – God did not abandon us in our hopeless state. From the beginning, even after our great betrayal, God had a plan for our redemption, and He eventually fulfilled it through Christ finally bringing man back into true relationship with Him. Because of our redemption, one day we will be reunited with Him in a new heaven, and on a new Earth.

That doesn’t mean that we sit back amidst all this suffering and wait though. Eternity starts this minute, not the minute your last breathe leaves your lungs. And because of Christ’s love for us, He commanded us to love, provide, and fight for the suffering and needy of the world until His return, when suffering will be ended forever.

A Cruce Salus – Through The Cross Comes Salvation

“And it was only right that God – who made everything and for whom everything was made – should bring His many children into glory. Through the suffering of Jesus, God made him a perfect leader, one fit to bring them into their salvation.” Hebrews 2:10 NLT

(City Painting By: Designnrg)


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