Music That Moves You #1

Only recently did I discover the magic and beauty that is the world of movie scores. Some of this music has the potential to move you to tears. I never thought a piece of music could ever do that to me, (I had heard people talk about music doing that to them, but to be honest I thought they were full of crap.) but his music stirs me deeply. So in the spirit of passing it on to others, I thought I would transfer the beauty on to yall. I guess I should thank Hans Zimmer, because to be honest I am strictly speaking of his work.


Journey to the Line Hans Zimmer (The Thin Red Line)

This piece of music moves me on a spiritual level particularly near the beginning with the build up to the climax of the song, the rest is beautiful, but that initial build up is most moving for me. I picture lovers, I picture the epic struggle of war, I sense sorrow, and loss, but also a sense of redemption. Part of it probably from the movie itself, but much of it in my own life too. I picture scenes from Passion of the Christ as well.


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