Poetry for my Muse

On: The Existence Of God

You say my sweet
That you can’t see
But God is love
And I love thee

My Love, I Long For Thee!

My Love, I long for Thee!
Thou art The Guide of history
Thou art the champion of my soul
And renewer of my heart.
Thou art the Truth
In which I long to dwell.
Thou art the Air
That causes my lungs to swell.

I can be,
Because Thou art.
And I am naught
Without Thee!

Oh Lover of my soul!
Defeater of death,
The Life in every breath,
May I always walk in thy light,
And finish strong thy good fight!

Open Up Thy Eyes!

Open up thy eyes
And open up thy heart
And thou will see
His mysterious world
And marvelous sky
For the first time
With a new eye.
Thou must first believe
To understand
As one born in a cave
Must first choose to leave
In order to see
There is such a thing as the bright day sun.
There is, my sweet, a Redeeming One!
The darkness is but temporary
And soon we will forever be
In Glory and Light for eternity

The Painter Of The Heavens

Thou painted the heavens
With heat and light,
And Thou sculpted me
With Thine own hand
Out of a medium of mud and sand.
How wondrous is Thy art?
How deep is Thy love?
Muse of my thoughts and words
There is a movement of my soul
At the thought of Thee
Even caring to be with me!
Painter of the heavens,
And master of the sea!


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