The Regression And Fall of Civilization

“I can calculate the movement of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.” -Isaac Newton

The corruption of civilization has become so tremendous that humanity has stopped progressing and started regressing. The sick thing is that we have substituted the definition of these words for one another. As humanity stoops lower and lower towards its own end, it has the audacity to call it “Progress.” We now live our day to day lives as though this reprehensible state of being is “just the way things are.” It is so bad, that you may even be asking yourself what the hell I am talking about. You may even say, “Things are not that bad man! Chill out! The human race has come a long way, and things are only going to get better.” Or maybe you wouldn’t say this, and if you are one of those people, you may be more like me. Violence and suffering have become so prevalent throughout the world that we have become numb to it and as the numbness grows, so does the intensity of violence and suffering.

After the Holocaust, the entire western world was distraught and broken over such darkness. Today, people talk about how distraught they are, but will then shake their head and simply state that this is just the way things are now. In the 1940’s and 1950’s the world swore to never let such an atrocity happen ever again, and since then there have been more ethnic cleansings and genocides than at any other time in history. More people died last century from wars than all recorded history combined. There has been more genocide, and there are multiple genocides taking place at this very moment. Every single continent and every single country in the world is taking part in genocide today from civil wars in Africa and Southeast Asia, to infanticide in the west. In America, many people don’t even consider the murder of  thousands of babies a day as genocide (332,278 in 2009 alone). They actually say that killing a baby is now a “right” or a “choice” of the mother’s. Genocide is legal in America and legal throughout the west, but keep your voice down and don’t talk about it or you are considered sexist and anti “progress.”


The Babylonians used to sacrifice living babies by fire to baal. This practice carried over into the culture of Carthage during the times of the Romans. Hannibal was the hero and general of Carthage, and his name literally meant “the grace of baal.” When Hannibal attacked Rome, the Roman general Scipio drove Hannibal all the way back to Carthage. The Romans detested the Carthaginians and their practice of living child sacrifice so much that Scipio decided to wipe Carthage off the face of the earth.

Scipio Freeing Massiva

If you had of read the above story of Hannibal in a history book, you may have been somewhat disgusted with it. Carthage doesn’t even compare to the west where it is a billion dollar industry to kill babies for convenience or otherwise. Only some are disgusted with that. People are boiled alive, and women and children are raped, branded, tortured, and killed in Africa, and as a whole there isn’t so much as an outcry from the public for any government to do something about it.

The irony is, if the west went into any African nation to stop these crimes, the progressives and even, I hate to say it, the conservatives of this country would oppose it. They would say that we have no national interest in Africa, or ask “who do we think we are?” Some would even make the ludicrous argument that if we went in to kill the guerillas who are murdering innocent civilians, we might accidentally kill innocent civilians.

No one wants to talk about these things today because it’s hard to enjoy your steak while millions of people starve. It is not as easy to put on your facial or skin cream when you know that it is made from dead babies, or that your jewelry is made with elements mined by slaves.

The most interesting and possibly the most disturbing part of all of this is we justify our lack of action by making movies and art about such atrocities and people go see it for entertainment. We justify it because we say we are “raising awareness.” In the west we love to “raise awareness” what ever that means or what it accomplishes I don’t know. There are a few people though who don’t stand by, these people are on the ground in Africa and standing outside abortion clinics.

I am just as guilty as you. I just wanted to raise your awareness about all of this. I guess I can add another notch to my belt for doing my part and now I can head over to Chipotle for a delicious burrito. Hell I guess I could even start referring to myself as a philanthropist. I should start a huge non profit organization and travel the country talking and talking and talking and then give all the money I raise to the United Nations because they seem to do so much for the world.

Anyway, for those of you out there who think the world is getting better and that the future is bright, I say to you, “wake up!” I give humanity another 50 to 100 years. The 21st century is going to be the worst one yet.

But I don’t say all this just to make you want to kill yourself. There is hope! It’s not found in utopian ideals or any political figure though. You have to search for this hope and hope will find you. That sounds like a load of post modern crap, but I am not talking about nirvana. I am talking about God. Once you see the world for what it is, it makes you realize just how powerless you are. He is my source of peace, and I know He will bring justice and light to this darkness, and until then He is the only thing that keeps me fighting on. I don’t plan to be an “awareness” raiser forever, I plan on DOING something with the limited time I have been given. What are you going to do?

Sorry didn’t mean to preach.

Hope your day is not completely ruined.

At least now you know it could always be much much worse.

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