Buzzed Of Californian Wine – April 2008

Buzzed off of Californian wine — I drank too much, and I’m staring out of this SUV’s window at rolling hills which remind me of home — eight to ten thousand miles away – across continents and oceans and hemispheres… With my sweet woman by my side, she’s passed out from too much wine.  Headed back east but on the way to un-comprehendible beauty… Yosemite… Sad music and a bottle or two more of wine have got me thinking. I had a dream last night, of another world, and in my dream, in my sleep, I cried and cried, only to wake next to Emily, and all was fine.

Not sure what moved me to write all this. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the burning lips or wine soaked kisses — no matter the dreams I have — they mean nothing to me, scar tissue, useless memories sent back to haunt me. I have her jet black hair – her exotic eyes, sweet lips – sweet soft lips – the curves my hands glide over like the wind over Big Sur – her beauty is like fruit for my soul… It gets my heart beating and my head spinning more than any wine I could ever drink.

Bot River, Cape Town, Bulawayo, Strand, Table Mountain – Motopus – Home… My home though no longer my home, I’ve sworn allegiance to another land, and I’d proudly stand under its flag – Yet deep down, I miss my land… My heart will always be tied to it, no matter how many beautiful places I long to call my own, no matter how many lovers steal my heart away – I belong to December summer times – to Baobabs – to the Zambezi – the Atlantic meeting the Indian ocean – Summerset West – the hot dry African sun.

With 2500 miles, a national park, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon between me and Atlanta, I still feel good. The idea of returning to that mediocre life kills me… I’m as lost as Tolstoy or Kerouac ever was – and yet I’m found heading towards every horizon I come across. Every stop I make, I sit and take it in, then keep on running… I’d swim the seven seas if I could – I’d drink all the wine I ever find, and curse every sunset for each sunset is one sunset I can never get back, and one sunset closer to the day I die – whenever that day comes, tomorrow, the next day, today! Who knows… Death doesn’t scare or bother me – death is just another part of life, a form of transportation through eternity – from star to star, to paradise… Life for me is not a matter of choosing right or wrong – It’s completely and totally a matter of choosing dark or light, death or life – do you want to live, or do you want to die?

I want to live…
I choose the light…
I choose life…

Texas (April 2008)

Arizona (April 2008)

Big Sur (April 2008)

Big Sur (April 2008)

Big Sur (April 2008)

Yosemite (April 2008)


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