“Scientific” Delusions: “Everything Came Out Of Nothing”

Let me first say that I am not against the theory of the big bang, but actually embrace it as a very compelling theory of how our universe came into being, but I do disagree with some of the hypotheses that surround this theory. Below are some ludicrous statements made by someone who I am assuming is one of the “top minds” of the field of physics. Granted he says he is a “Theoretical Physicist,” but either way he lost instant intellectual credibility with me when he made the following statements about how our universe was created.

Professor Lawrence Krauss (Theoretical Physicist) in the Science Channel show How the Universe Works struck me with awe when he said this:

“The philosophers of ancient times used to say, “how could something arise from nothing,” And what’s amazing to me is that the laws of physics allow that to happen, and it means that our whole universe, everything we see, everything that matters to us today could have arisen out of precisely nothing.”

[Then the narrator goes on to say] “It’s one of the biggest hurdles to understanding the big bang. First you have to buy into the premise that something was created out of nothing”

[Professor Krauss then continues] “It’s impossible to describe the moment of creation in human language. All we know is from what may have been nothing, we go to a state of almost infinite density, and infinite temperature, and infinite violence.”

[Narrator Continues] “Understanding how nothing turned into something may be the greatest mystery of our universe, but if you understand that, you start to understand the big bang. When time and space began and a great big explosion created everything.”

According to this criteria I will never understand the big bang. I quite literally have never heard the  atheist’s “rationalistic” perspective on the beginning of the universe put so honestly, bluntly, and shamelessly. When exactly did we start calling lunacy and delusion “rational science?” At least he hinted at the fact (barely) that it is partly a philosophical question and not wholly a scientific one, but not once did they allude to the possibility that the universe may have been created by some sort of intelligence. Show me some evidence please?

[Professor Krauss then describes the awesomeness of the big bang] “The big bang was so immense that it brought into existence all of the mass and all of the energy contained in all of the four hundred billion galaxies we see in our universe in a region smaller than the size of a single atom. The entire observable universe was a millionth of a billionth of a centimeter across at that time. Everything was compressed into an incredibly hot dense region.”

And I am supposed to believe that this blog post is a result of random coincidence. How in the world is this man an atheist? Somehow matter came into existence, and then somehow biological life came into existence from non life, and then this so called microscopic life form then evolved in an incredibly hostile environment into Professor Krauss. While what he had to say in this episode sounds like something said by someone who may of evolved from something primordial, I still find the “science” behind it hard to swallow. Nothing turned into something, and that something then turned into rational beings on a little planet somewhere in the vast darkness contemplating their existence. Give me a break.

Somehow I don’t find it hard to believe that an intelligent being “created the heavens and the earth.” Is that really so hard to comprehend, does this view really go against reason? When faced with the physical impossibility of the above statements, I’d have to say no. I would have to say the scientific evidence points directly toward an intelligent creator of the universe by defacto. When dealing with nothing turning into something it is no longer in the realm of science, but philosophy. I am not one to hate on science, I believe them when they say that nothing turned into something, but I don’t believe it happened by itself. It is clear that there is more going on than human minds can comprehend, and the absolute finite reality of the human brain makes me doubt these scientists conclusion. I would venture to say their conclusion is based on bias not science, and this is evident by the astounding number of atheist and agnostic scientists that are becoming theists.

And Richard Dawkins calls me the delusional one.

Krauss then ends the show by saying “Everything that makes us human, the atoms in our bodies, the jewelry we wear, all the things that lead to the tragedy of life, and the beauty, and the excitement, love, everything else, arose because of processes that happened 14 billion years ago. And if we really want to understand ourselves, at some fundamental level, you really have to understand the big bang.”

For a “Rational” man this is a very post modern view. This explanation doesn’t bring self discovery, only more philosophical questions. Don’t quit your day job for a job in philosophy Krauss, your post modern, atheistic, aesthetical, existentialism is flimsy and weak. But I love you anyway.


2 thoughts on ““Scientific” Delusions: “Everything Came Out Of Nothing”

  1. When Professor Krauss said, “It’s impossible to describe the moment of creation in human language,” I paused the television and engaged my brain.

    Within that sentence he uses a proposition to describe something that he says cannot be described. The moment of creation cannot be described in human language? If that is true, then these are my questions:

    1) What was he describing in that sentence? (Something that cannot be described?)
    2) Why should I watch this show if it is trying to explain something that cannot be explained? (To watch someone fail?)
    3) Isn’t it partially Lawrence Krauss’ job description to do what he claims cannot be done? (So he’s a miracle-worker?)

    I am glad someone else saw the episode.

    • glad someone else caught what was being said in the episode =) sure plenty of people watched and it never once clicked that “hey, this guy doesn’t make any sense.”

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