Contemplations: What Purpose Is There To Reason If Not To Glorify Your Genius?

Everything is spiritual – All the Earth is wrapped up in a holy embrace. He is in the sun that warms the skin and the breeze that cools my face. He is beneath the wings of the birds lifting them into the sky above my head, and in the ground, giving life to the roots of these great trees spreading forth with branches above the water bringing shelter to many little life forms, and comfort to me.

The Great Architect and sustainer of my home, my world, my life. Inventor of the atoms which make up this pen, this ink, this paper. What is this wondrous universe? What purpose is their to reason and science if it is not to glorify Your great genius and love?

And yet reason warns of a darkness hiding just beyond sight. It hints at a war that has been going on long before I was born.  An ancient rebellion that taints all beauty creating a deep ache for restoration within the planet and all mankind.

The dark presence creates an outcry for justice – an anticipation of that day that all is set right, within and without.

I do not know what the universe looked like 2000 years ago but I feel as though it looks to be rejoicing now – the leaves, and water and sky all seem to cry out “Praise God He has rescued us all!” And this energy resonates within me – All these peaceful shadows of true beauty.


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