Contemplations: Mortality – We Are But A Spark Ascending From The Fire

What is the point of philosophy,
What is the point of science,
If all we know is mere chaos?
Why do men who mock spirituality
Claim they’re looking
For the reason we are here?
If the universe is chaos,
If all is random,
Then there is no answer.
There is no reason.
In a very real sense
We don’t even exist.
We are but a spark
Ascending from the fire.


Like Tolstoy, mortality is always on my mind. Like Tolstoy I feel as though I’ve been on the brink of madness. How out of my control is my own life? I know not when my life will come to an end. Will I ever live a great adventure or have a family of my own? Or will it all be cut short before I want it to? I used to think I wanted to die young – Until I tasted life and liked the taste. I want to love until I’m old, and laugh at all the wonders to come – I want to cry for injustice and stand with strength in the fog of modernity – Never before have I wanted to drink of my life like a pint of good beer, and drink of love like water. get drunk on life and be satisfied in love.

I am at peace with death, but would prefer it if it kept its distance… at least for a little while. This great contentment has gripped my spirit – content with blessings, but always open to suffering. I’d share the worlds load if I could – but I can’t.


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