We live our days indifferent
To the ferocious violence around us
And those who notice, state,
That this is “just the way things are.”
We are God’s children
Living in a world
That is an existential island
And this is Lord of the Flies.

We all LOVE…
We all HATE…
And we all idolize

Brutality, we claim,
Is a problem only in foreign lands
And we excuse our indifference
Because of large bodies of water.
We look at the civil wars of the East
And we boast of our Western civilized-ness
While we murder our babies
And turn them into face products.
Evil never looked so good, or so young!

We are so self-righteous
And so, so, sensitive
“Don’t judge me!”
“What’s wrong to you may not be wrong to me!”
And we ignore the darkness within
Ascribing the darkness in others to “illness”
And we try to cure murderers and rapists
With the same pills
That we take to stay sane.

Our daughters are having group sex
But don’t worry, it’s just a teenage “phase.”
Our sons are addicted to pornography
But studies show it’s a healthy part of his development.
Either way, it’s nothing they didn’t learn in school already.
And when the despair takes grip
We fill our glasses and medicate,
Killing ourselves daily for just a little more.
A little more money,
A little more fame,
A little more pleasure,
A little more “enlightenment.”
Ending our selfish lives
Bitter and cold.
Love saves us.


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