Rhetorical Questions (Poetry)

Rhetorical Questions

Who gives the goose such courage?
Standing guard over its nest and mate
Harmless yet heroic creature
Standing up to us
Six times his size.
Don’t worry bird
We’re just here to admire your river
And the webs on your feet
And the wings
Which carry you across the sky.
Who is your maker?
Who designed and sculpted you?
Who is this that draws me
From my dark and dusty room
Out into the sun and water?
I have an overwhelming urge
To thank someone for this glory,
And to thank you bird
For showing me your courage.


This Cold Rock

This world is a burden,
This world is a rusty cage,
A potholed road,
A bed of tears,
It is the death of those we love.
A cold rock
And a weary body
Trying to sleep
Beneath the sparkling
Stars above.
Turning always turning
And we
Cut our hands
On the rusty bars
And curse the fall
Of those who came before us.


Post Modern Man

He read the words,
But he knew not what they meant.
He walked down many roads,
But he knew not where they went.
He lived his life,
But he knew not what it was to be alive.


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