Love and this Great Big River

Why all the  confusion
About love today?
I watch an old man
With a smile on his face,
Taking photographs of his wife
As she feeds the geese.
She laughs and shakes
Her head self consciously.
Are they any different than you and I?
Besides the fact that they chose
To love – when love was hard,
To smile – when they both were weary,
And to hold hands and pray
When all the world
Was trying to tear them apart.


I watch a young couple
Walk up to the edge of the water
Arm in arm,
Hand in hand,
Joyful but unable
To endure the cold.
They don’t stay long.
I wonder
Do they have it in them,
To give up their dreams
For one another?
Do they have the courage,
To endure harsher things,
And create a new dream together?
Where will they stand
Years from now,
And will they still stand,
Hand in hand?


The geese know love.
Love gave them the web’s on their feet.
Love gave them their powerful wings,
Love built them to float joyfully,
In elegance and peace
Upon the water.

The geese know love,

I can hear their ugly, joyful, little song.
And one day,
When they finally die,
Love will take them back
From whence they came,
Back into a big blue sky.


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