Memories of Green

Working on a drawing of a blossom tree
With “Memories of Green” playing mellow,
Playing melancholy in the yellow incandescence.
Lapsang Souchong and a lonely heart
Make this man long for the subtle energies of a woman tonight.
Amidst the jazz music and traditional Chinese paintings
He doesn’t have the characters for how he feels,
Nor the words, nor the time,
Nor the paint to picture it.
Sometimes all a man wants
Is quiet eyes and soft lips,
Contently scheming as she sits on his couch.
Most of the time – he has to go without
And so he draws
He writes
He walks
He drinks tea that tastes like dreams of her
And he waits
Knowing that eventually
He will find her
But not tonight
Not tonight
“Memories of Green” and dark sumi
“Memories of Green” under the yellow light.


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