The Phantom Worlds of Sleep

They all have similarity in simplicity,
My dreams about women – few and far between.
I’ve only dreamed about a handful in all my life.
Always short – always warm,
My head in her lap,
My tears in her belly button,
Soft kisses on my face in hallways
Or houses I’ve never seen
Or beaches under golden suns.

I know what I want
When she visits me in dreams.

I always dream these dreams in the early morning,
They always grace me unexpectedly,
And shake me profoundly.
Vividly real – affecting me for days,
Always locked away in my memory
As if they were events which actually happened.
Parallel universes where I am another man,
Windows to another dimension
Where my heart is full again
If only for these brief solitary moments
In the phantom worlds of sleep.


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