Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #20

#20 There is a man who lives Halfway down the mountain. He and his young daughter of eight years Have joined me on walks by the river. She has taken an interest in my old pipa And I have taken her as a student. It is the greatest delight of my old age To have … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #20


Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #16

#16 Dragons Scale incense fills the air, I watch her morning rituals from the bed. Two fools who found each other in this life, And yet she still finds the time to pray. Holy priestess of the mountains, Fragrant blossom of the most precarious peaks. She has been overlooked by so many men, But only … Continue reading Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #16

Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #15

#15 Unable to Breathe Because of a Letter From the Capitol In my chambers, unable to breathe, All the color has left the world. A letter arrived from Chang’An today, I’ve read it a hundred times, The characters make no sense to my eyes, An official notice of execution. The magistrate tells me it is … Continue reading Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #15

Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #12

#12 Perched on the cliffside, Overlooking a little mountain river. I shift my wine jug on the stone, Searching for a stable place to let it stand. Bare trees, and a cool breeze, A bird sings a spring song in the pines above. Such peace is rare in these uncertain days, But such beauty will … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #12

Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10

#10 The first days after the fields are planted, Peasant families all walk the river bank. Young boys show off their strength, Seeing who can climb the tallest trees. Young girls sit with their mothers, On bamboo mats in the grass. Five old men sit on a rotten log, Drinking cool wine and talking about … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10

Memories of Green

Working on a drawing of a blossom tree With "Memories of Green" playing mellow, Playing melancholy in the yellow incandescence. Lapsang Souchong and a lonely heart Make this man long for the subtle energies of a woman tonight. Amidst the jazz music and traditional Chinese paintings He doesn't have the characters for how he feels, … Continue reading Memories of Green

Living in the Summer Mountains – Yu Xuanji

If I could travel back in time 1100 years, I would find this woman and marry her. Living in the Summer Mountains I have moved to this home of Immortals. Wild shrubs bloom everywhere. In the front garden, trees Spread their branches for clothes racks. I sit on a mat and float wine cups In … Continue reading Living in the Summer Mountains – Yu Xuanji

Sundown Song

It's when the descending sun Is level with the curtain hook That spring along this river Is at its very best. Good smells surround the gardens Along the riverbank A column of smoke from the beach Where boatmen cook their dinners Steadily chattering sparrows Fight to roost in the evening trees Gnats and mayflies swarm … Continue reading Sundown Song

From: The Journey North

Well, now I'm coming home From troubles of my own And with hair gone white I wonder if they'll know me Here's my wife at last Wearing a much-patched dress Crying to see me here Sighing like wind in the pine trees Sobbing uncontrollably Like any babbling brook And here's my boy, all pale, The … Continue reading From: The Journey North

She Smokes The Cigarette of Futility

She counts the trains Going by outside her window Like the minutes of her life And the love which Walked out her door So many times before. She smokes the cigarette of futility And wets her pillow with regret Waiting in the darkness For a man she will never see again. ........... Watched a movie … Continue reading She Smokes The Cigarette of Futility

Insomnia – Lu Yu

Even when I fall asleep early, My nights are long and full of bitterness. Tonight, tortured with insomnia, Memories of the past flood back Until they have exhausted me. Alone in the house beside a smokey lamp, I rub my heavy eyelids And idly turn the pages of my notebook. Again and again I scratch … Continue reading Insomnia – Lu Yu

Pulled From The Sea

The bird chirps its worship song The bird chirps its worship song. The bamboo knocks together, A living wind chime. I drink my black tea Hot and earthy. It tastes like the goodness God spoke of when He Pulled the land out of the sea, I sit, Quietly awestruck. Some people Some people, Are like … Continue reading Pulled From The Sea