Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #14

#14 A Poem From Chongqing
Official duties have taken me so far from home,
Down in this southern land of mountains and heat.
Only a few hours after sunrise,
And already all my clothes are wet.
I think about a woman who rules my heart,
Alone in her bed, night after night.
I write poems on stones and walls and tables,
Incapable of erasing her face from my mind.

龙火花 Long HuoHua

Born Approx AD820 – Died AD895
Timeline Of Major Events During Long’s Life:

AD840 – Earliest known poems by Long
841 – Yu XuanJi is Born
846 – Bai JuYi dies
848 – Emperor Wuzong persecutes Buddhists, Shuts down temples across empire.
858 – Major flood killing tens of thousands (including XinMei) and destabilizing dynasty
863 – Long Starts affair with Yu XuanJi
866 – Long gets sent on official duty to Chongqing
867 – Yu XuanJi is Executed
875 – Huang Chao’s Rebellion
881 – Huang Chao Captures Chang’An
883 – Capitol retaken, Huang Chao Rebellion Ends
883 – Tang Dynasty Starts Decline
895 – Long HuoHua Dies
AD907 – Tang Dynasty Falls