Rhodesia’s Ian Smith: Time Magazine, November 5th, 1965. Issue 86. No.19

In a stroke of luck I found this issue for $3 at a local bookstore. Typical trash leftwing take on Rhodesia, but a slice of history none the less. Click To See High Resolution Article Images


Last Manifesto of Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera

Alicante, July 17th, 1936 A group of Spaniards, some of them soldiers and others civilians, is unwilling to stand by and watch the total disintegration of the fatherland. These men rise up today against a government that is treacherous, incompetent, cruel and unjust, and which is about to lead our country to its ruin. We … Continue reading Last Manifesto of Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera

The Last Byzantine

The Last Byzantine Barbarian hordes clamor at the gate. Their cannons have been pounding Day and night to turn our walls into dust. The last emperor of our mighty civilization Is putting on his armor, putting on his crown, one more time. The reckless sins of our forefathers Will be paid for this morning with … Continue reading The Last Byzantine

Final Speech Of The Last Roman Emperor Constantine XI

Constantine Palaologus XI speaks before his officers and allies before the final siege of Constantinople by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Bey When Constantinople's walls were finally breached, Constantine XI knew there would be no quarter, but he would not flee with the Genoese generals. He died fighting in the streets of Constantinople. "Most noble leader, … Continue reading Final Speech Of The Last Roman Emperor Constantine XI

The Crumbling Theodosian

Every day Another brick falls. Every day The vines creep closer. The statues are ground to dust. The words are fading. The blood is covered with earth and forgotten. The happy heart decays Until only beasts once more remain

Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #4

#4 The youth of Chang’An no longer respect the ancient ways, Consumed by the temporary passions of the city. They drink wine all night and spend their days dreaming of ways To waste the Emperor’s money. Enemies gather around us in the countryside; readying for war, While the young men of the court feast on … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #4

Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #3

#3 The Emperor taxes the people without relent, Rumors of rebellion are whispered in the streets. By the time the eunuchs have taken what they want, There is hardly anything left to get through the winter. Mothers suffocate their babies in the night, Many sell their daughters to officials or whore houses for food. I … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #3

Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #2

#2 For XinMei Her skin is as white and smooth as cream. Her hair, like a dark storm. She dances to an old mountain tune Wearing nothing but a white gauze dress. The cool air blows in through her open windows While we drink wine, and I write poems on her thigh. Her husband is … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #2

A Nomadic History

The dog stands noblest on his rock Looking out on the public park As though it were his. He cannot remain still, The woods and water Call out to his blood. An ancient nomadic history runs in his veins. I watch, with slight envy, And lament the wildness Which has long since died in me … Continue reading A Nomadic History