Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #5

#5 For Yu I sit on top of Old Pine Mountain Chanting her beautiful words. The only thing sweeter than her mouth And more intoxicating than her wine Was the sound of her voice reciting DuFu. For many years I thought The last great poetry died with Bai Juyi, But she could conquer any man … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #5


Memories of Green

Working on a drawing of a blossom tree With "Memories of Green" playing mellow, Playing melancholy in the yellow incandescence. Lapsang Souchong and a lonely heart Make this man long for the subtle energies of a woman tonight. Amidst the jazz music and traditional Chinese paintings He doesn't have the characters for how he feels, … Continue reading Memories of Green

Painting – Feelings At The End Of Spring – 鱼玄机

Painting I did this week. Translation by Leonard Ng: Feelings At The End of Spring Sent To A Friend 暮春有感寄友人 The voices of orioles wake me from sad dreams; light makeup hides the tear-stains on my face. The bamboo grove is shadowy in the moon’s faint light; the River lies silent beneath the night’s thick … Continue reading Painting – Feelings At The End Of Spring – 鱼玄机

The Ferryboat and the Passenger – Rain

The Ferryboat and the Passenger - Yong-woon Han I am a ferry boat. You're my passenger. You tread on me with muddy feet. I cross the river, hugging you in my arms. When you are in my arms, I do not care Whether the river is deep, shallow or rapid. If you do not come, … Continue reading The Ferryboat and the Passenger – Rain

Flower Petals On The Sleeves

The sky far away Above cold mountain rocks. Wild birds Cry mournfully. The clouds flow A thousand miles down the river. The wanderer's long sleeves Are wet from flower petals. Twilight over a riverside village Where wine is mellow. When this night is over, Flowers will fall in that village. The heart is sad and … Continue reading Flower Petals On The Sleeves

The Girl on the Rocks

I picture you... Out on the hot rocks Of a secluded canyon river Shaded by the trees And Promontories. Your dress clinging loosely To the curves of your body. Your hair wrapping Around the corners of your face And sticking to your cheeks From the heat And the waterfall's spray Swirling up into the air … Continue reading The Girl on the Rocks

Passionate Chinese Poetry I Love

Autumn Wind The autumn wind blows white clouds About the sky. Grass turns brown. Leaves fall. Wild geese fly south. The last flowers bloom, orchids And chrysanthemums with their Bitter perfume. I dream of That beautiful face I can Never forget. I go for A trip on the river. The barge Rides the current and … Continue reading Passionate Chinese Poetry I Love

My Shadow Of Eden

Which do I long for more? Which do I want to hear, Standing in the woods alone, The music of man, Or the music of nature? I know not. I thank God for music all the same, And I long for you, my love, To hear, to see, to feel, What I, in this moment, … Continue reading My Shadow Of Eden