Something Within The Heart

Something within the heart loves little things And holds them ever while great moments pass; The​ mind that shuns the pageantry​ of kings Will long remember how a blade of grass Held, in a drop of dew, the first faint glow Of daybreak in an April long since ended, Or how some casual footprint in … Continue reading Something Within The Heart


Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10

#10 The first days after the fields are planted, Peasant families all walk the river bank. Young boys show off their strength, Seeing who can climb the tallest trees. Young girls sit with their mothers, On bamboo mats in the grass. Five old men sit on a rotten log, Drinking cool wine and talking about … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10

More Bones Than Beliefs

You don't have a single belief in your body More bones than beliefs More teeth than meaningful words to say. More body than soul More minutes than moments More quantities than qualities More distractions than desires. .......... sometimes i feel like im dying...