Red Cliffs I. – Su Shih

First Prose Poem On The Red Cliffs

In the autumn of 1082, on the 16th of the seventh month, Master Su and his guests sailed in a boat below the Red Cliffs. Clear wind blew gently, the water was calm. The boaters raised their wine and poured for each other, reciting “The Bright Moon” and singing “The Lovely One.”
After a while, the moon rose above the eastern mountain, and hovered between the Dipper and the Cowherd star. White mist lay across the water; the light from the water reached the sky. They went where their tiny boat took them, floating on a thousand leagues of haze, in the vastness as if resting on emptiness and riding the wind, not knowing where they would stop, floating as if they had left the earth and stood alone, having turned into birds and become immortal. And so they drank and their joy reached its height, and they sang beating on the side of the boat. The song went:

Cassia oars and orchid paddles
Beat the illusory moon,
Rowing against the flow of streaming light.
From a great distance my heart
Yearns for my beloved at one end of the sky.

Among the guests there was one who played the flute, and he played along with their song. The sound of his flute mourned, as if grieving as if loving, as if weeping as if reproaching. Its sound echoed and lingered, not breaking as if a silken thread. It set to dancing the dragon submerged in a deep crevice, and brought to tears the widow in the lonely boat.

Master Su sobered himself, and straightening his collar sat upright. He asked the guest: “Why did you play like that?” The guest replied, “‘The moon is bright, the stars, sparse. The crows and magpies fly south,’ aren’t these the words from Cao Cao’s poem? Looking west towards Xiakou, East towards Wuchang, with the mountains and rivers entwining each other, densely green — isn’t this the place where Cao was beseiged by Zhou Yu? Cao had just broken Jingzhou, and was going to Jiangling, sailing west with the flow of the river. His boats prow to stern stretched for a thousand miles, and his flags and banners blocked the sky. Pouring wine, looking down on the river, chanting poems with a spear across his knees, he was indeed a hero of his times; but today, where is he? And how about you and I, fishermen and woodcutters on the islets in the river, taking the fish and shrimp and deer as our companions, and riding in a leaf of a boat, raising gourds as our goblets and drinking to each other? Entrusted like flies to heaven and earth, as tiny as one grain in a vast ocean. I grieve at my life’s shortness, and envy how the Great River is infinite. I want to fly with the immortals and roam the vastness, embrace the moon and live forever. I know that I cannot quickly achieve this, and I entrusted these sounds to the sad wind.”

Master Su said, “Do you know the water and moon? The one flows on, and yet never goes anywhere, and the other waxes and wanes, yet never diminishes or grows. If you look at them from the point of Change, then heaven and earth never stay the same for even the blink of an eye. If you look from the point of what is unchanging, then all things, and I, are inexhaustible, so what is there to envy? Between heaven and earth, each thing has its master, and if it were not mine, even if only a hair, I would not take it. Only the clear wind on the river, and the bright moon between the mountains: the ear receives one and creates sound, the eye meets the other and makes color; you can take these without prohibition, and use them without exhausting them. This is the infinite treasure of the Creator, and what you and I can share and rejoice in.”

The guest was pleased and smiled, they washed the cups and refilled them. All the dishes were finished, and the cups and plates were scattered all over. Pillowing on each other in the middle of the boat, they didn’t see that the sky was already brightening in the east.

Su Shih / Su DongPo

Translated by Pauline Chen



Like moon-dark, like brown water you escape,
O laughing mouth, O sweet uplifted lips.
Within the peering brain old ghosts take shape;
You flame and wither as the white foam slips
Back from the broken wave: sometimes a start,
A gesture of the hands, a way you own
Of bending that smooth head above your heart,—
Then these are vanished, then the dream is gone.

Oh, you are too much mine and flesh of me
To seal upon the brain, who in the blood
Are so intense a pulse, so swift a flood
Of beauty, such unceasing instancy.
Dear unimagined brow, unvisioned face,
All beauty has become your dwelling place.

Archibald MacLeish

Hidden In The Holes Of The Waterfall

The sun, pours over the trees.
Who lit its flame?
The moon, pulls at the tides.
Who placed it in our sky?
The water, quenches my thirst.
But who is it that gives me life?

They tell me
While standing in brick boxes of human thought
That all of this
Was by accident.
And yet,
I feel the sun warms my face
With the same degree of purpose
As this ink which stains my paper.


I am hidden
in the holes
in the wall
of the waterfall.
I struggle through its mouth
as the water pounds my back
and my feet slide on the rock.
In this moment
in this shallow water
on this beautiful day
I emerge from the cave
and I cannot die
unless the true author
of these words
pulls His pen from my heart
and from my mind.
I wait for death,
but I continue to stand,
for these few minutes
happier than any man alive
as the sun
and the water
beat down beautifully
on my head.


On: Worship

Why would we ever think
Singing the same old songs
Over and over and over
Was ever a worthy form of worship
For the omnipotent creator of the universe?

The Solar System In High Def

“Ever since men were able to think, they have been wondering what this universe really is and how it came to be there. And, very roughly, two views have been held. First, there is what is called the materialist view. People who take that view think that matter and space just happen to exist, and always have existed, nobody knows why; and that the matter, behaving in certain fixed ways, has just happened, by a sort of fluke” –C.S Lewis

The high definition photos Below are from various spacecraft traveling past multiple planets. Many of them are from the Cassini spacecraft. These gorgeous photos truly bring out the artistic nature of God. Enjoy.

(While photos are already large, click on them to see full size)


Image of Saturn illuminated from behind by our sun (Cassini)

Saturn's moon Iapetus taken by Cassini (Supernatural abstract painting)

Saturn's Moon Hyperion by Cassini

Saturn's Moon Titan by Cassini

Saturn's Moon Dione

Saturn's Moon Rhea

Saturn's Moon Enceladus with Saturns Rings In Backround

Rhea Dione and the Rings of Saturn.... Sweet shot Nasa... For Real

Saturn's Moons Tethys and Titan



^^^^NEPTUNE ^^^^



Sorry… No photo’s of Pluto =(   (No longer a planet anyway…)


A little Closer To Home... Mars


The Asteroid Vesta from the Asteroid Belt. That black spot is a mountain taller than Everest and larger than the Island of Hawaii

Dante Crater on our Moon. Taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Copeland Crater Mercury - Messenger Spacecraft

Mercury - Messenger Spacecraft

Mercury - Mariner Spacecraft

Venus Infared - Magellan Spacecraft

Venus - Mariner Spacecraft

Venus - Mariner Spacecraft


Our Home - Probably One of the Most Beautiful Photographs I Have Come Across