Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #20

#20 There is a man who lives Halfway down the mountain. He and his young daughter of eight years Have joined me on walks by the river. She has taken an interest in my old pipa And I have taken her as a student. It is the greatest delight of my old age To have … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #20


Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #19

#19 My hands no longer work like they used to Stiff and achy, my fingers hurt to move. I long for music, but my pipa sits unplayed. I’ve carried it with me some days, Hoping to meet someone on the road Who can play me a familiar tune, any tune. AD886 龙火花 Long HuoHua Born … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #19

Blood Of My Ancestors

Wanderer's blood coursed through my ancestors' veins, Boiling under wind-stretched sails off Africa’s coast, Thousands of miles from their European homes. Their blood stirred at the vast mysteries before them, Legends and rumors of the dark continent, devourer of men, Pulsating through their thoughts As they stepped onto the red soil for the first time. Their … Continue reading Blood Of My Ancestors

Music That Moves You #6

Some of my favorite tunes as of late. As always - LISTEN TO IT LOUD Shapeless - Wild Cub Open - Rhye Drive - Wild Cub MTN Tune - Trails and Ways What I Might Do (Kilter Remix) - Ben Pearce A Variation on Scotty Tails Madelain - Shigeru Umebayashi

Music That Moves You (For Lovers)

Music that I have been digging lately. You won't be disappointed. Promise. Listen to it LOUD Alt-J Taro Local Natives - Airplanes Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me (cover) Kathleen Battle - Lovers And This “All I know is in sleep, I can taste and feel need. Life alone makes me shake, … Continue reading Music That Moves You (For Lovers)

Music That Moves You #5 (Alexandre Desplat – The Painted Veil)

Beautiful music from the movie The Painted Veil. As usual, sit back, relax, and LISTEN TO IT LOUD. Morning Tears - Alexandre Desplat, Lang Lang Gnossiennes No. 1 Lent - Lang Lang The Painted Veil - Alexandre Desplat, Lang Lang