Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #11

#11 We rowed out to an empty island on the Wei river, Mooring our boat to a fallen tree. She moved like water through the forest, Like a flood through my heart. The night was warm and bright, Lying on my blanket, we chanted poems to the stars. Naked, we woke up wet with morning … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #11


The Night Is Full Of Storm Clouds

The night is full of storm clouds. Overhead the wild geese are frightened, And cry out with anxiety in the murky darkness. The ice hills are covered with dense fog. The only thing visible Is a beautiful shadow on a gleaming gauze window curtain. Above the clouds the white moon is cold. Under the clouds … Continue reading The Night Is Full Of Storm Clouds

I Have a Blue Blanket

I have a blue blanket I remember it from my childhood, It goes with me in a bag In the trunk of my car And whenever I cant take The shit of this world I lay it down In the park Or on the river bank Or in the field at night After a wedding … Continue reading I Have a Blue Blanket

Like a Primitive Man

The rain comes down. Torrential curtains beat across the water Where I float, In water warmed by the days sun, And the rain stings my face. The sky spits fire across the night And the thunder sets all things on edge. Do the birds and squirrels Look out from the darkness And wonder what madness … Continue reading Like a Primitive Man


2AM And the drunks are stumbling into each other As they leave the bars. I slouch in my trusty chair, Legs up against my loyal desk With my journals and books And poems of long dead friends. These early hours Have become so dear to me Through the years. Reading hungrily Whatever poems I could … Continue reading 2AM