Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #6

#6 For Yu Gone now three long years My nights are long and cold without her. Executed at twenty six years of age, What cruelty to befall such beauty. Some blossoms fall from the tree when the time is right Others are cut down violently and trampled. Chang’An has become as dark as a moonless … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #6


Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #5

#5 For Yu I sit on top of Old Pine Mountain Chanting her beautiful words. The only thing sweeter than her mouth And more intoxicating than her wine Was the sound of her voice reciting DuFu. For many years I thought The last great poetry died with Bai Juyi, But she could conquer any man … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #5

Lord Byron – Stanzas To The Po

Stanzas To The Po River, that rollest by the ancient walls, Where dwells the lady of my love, when she Walks by thy brink, and there perchance recalls A faint and fleeting memory of me; What if thy deep and ample stream should be A mirror of my heart, where she may read The thousand … Continue reading Lord Byron – Stanzas To The Po


How many mornings - How many hours - Will you spend Sitting on your floor Surrounded by books In spiritual anguish? Unable to ingest a single word Rocking back and forth From the pain of separation. How long will you spend Trying to break down the walls you've built? When will you understand? When will … Continue reading Flux

The Night Is Full Of Storm Clouds

The night is full of storm clouds. Overhead the wild geese are frightened, And cry out with anxiety in the murky darkness. The ice hills are covered with dense fog. The only thing visible Is a beautiful shadow on a gleaming gauze window curtain. Above the clouds the white moon is cold. Under the clouds … Continue reading The Night Is Full Of Storm Clouds

Like Basho In The Rain

I'm alot like that ancient man, Job. Except that I am in no way righteous, And I know nothing of suffering as he did. But I do yell at the heavens In futility Like Basho in the rain. Why does evil prosper While goodness diminishes every day? "Who are you," God answers back, "to question … Continue reading Like Basho In The Rain


A man loses his family in a high speed accident, No tragedy here. A woman gets raped in a brothel, No tragedy here. A baby has scissors shoved into its skull by a doctor, No tragedy here. Science declares, It's just matter in motion.

Insomnia – Lu Yu

Even when I fall asleep early, My nights are long and full of bitterness. Tonight, tortured with insomnia, Memories of the past flood back Until they have exhausted me. Alone in the house beside a smokey lamp, I rub my heavy eyelids And idly turn the pages of my notebook. Again and again I scratch … Continue reading Insomnia – Lu Yu

Nothing Else

XLIII Two flowers in a letter The moon sinks into the far off hills. Dew drenches the bamboo grass. I wait. Crickets sing all night in the pine tree At midnight the temple bells ring. Wild geese fly overhead. Nothing else. -Marichiko LI Did you take me because you loved me? Did you take me … Continue reading Nothing Else

Looking Back: 12 Months of Poetry

Here are Poems that I wrote in the last 12 months or so (not as many poems as you may think) and have been in posts on this blog and on facebook. So for those of you that haven't read my poetry, here is a ton of it in one place to get a feel. … Continue reading Looking Back: 12 Months of Poetry