Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #16

#16 Dragons Scale incense fills the air, I watch her morning rituals from the bed. Two fools who found each other in this life, And yet she still finds the time to pray. Holy priestess of the mountains, Fragrant blossom of the most precarious peaks. She has been overlooked by so many men, But only … Continue reading Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #16


More Bones Than Beliefs

You don't have a single belief in your body More bones than beliefs More teeth than meaningful words to say. More body than soul More minutes than moments More quantities than qualities More distractions than desires. .......... sometimes i feel like im dying...

Rhetorical Questions (Poetry)

Rhetorical Questions Who gives the goose such courage? Standing guard over its nest and mate Harmless yet heroic creature Standing up to us Six times his size. Don't worry bird We're just here to admire your river And the webs on your feet And the wings Which carry you across the sky. Who is your … Continue reading Rhetorical Questions (Poetry)

My Shadow Of Eden

Which do I long for more? Which do I want to hear, Standing in the woods alone, The music of man, Or the music of nature? I know not. I thank God for music all the same, And I long for you, my love, To hear, to see, to feel, What I, in this moment, … Continue reading My Shadow Of Eden

Don’t Go Back Inside To Get Your Things

I can see the smoke of civilization Rising just off on the horizon, Black smoke, And though it rains all day The fires don't go out. Yet all the smoke is on the horizon, It is still a ways out. Don't bother trying to evacuate Don't go back inside to get your things It will … Continue reading Don’t Go Back Inside To Get Your Things