Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10

#10 The first days after the fields are planted, Peasant families all walk the river bank. Young boys show off their strength, Seeing who can climb the tallest trees. Young girls sit with their mothers, On bamboo mats in the grass. Five old men sit on a rotten log, Drinking cool wine and talking about … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10


An Earthy Consummation of the Love in My Heart

Adderall sunshine lights me up Before a swift northeastern wind Cools me under black clouds. Aqua stains old poems When Bedouin rain drops Descend upon us from the dune like cumulus. The dust and sweat of China Wash down from the bill of my hat Mixing in with the Georgia red Like some earthy consummation … Continue reading An Earthy Consummation of the Love in My Heart


I've heard some say, Some alive, some dead, That they wished they could be A wolf, an eagle, or a lion. But I sit here on this rock, Blood running strong in my veins, Under the end of August sun, A young man, Free and with the world at my feet, Tell me, What more … Continue reading Manhood

Sunday Waters

On a Sunday by the water Only the crickets make sound And only the dragonflies know I'm here. I go through my phone And I realize there's no one there But I have my books And I have my rock By the old rotten tree And I have a thousand songs Memorized in my head, … Continue reading Sunday Waters

Like a Primitive Man

The rain comes down. Torrential curtains beat across the water Where I float, In water warmed by the days sun, And the rain stings my face. The sky spits fire across the night And the thunder sets all things on edge. Do the birds and squirrels Look out from the darkness And wonder what madness … Continue reading Like a Primitive Man

The Girl on the Rocks

I picture you... Out on the hot rocks Of a secluded canyon river Shaded by the trees And Promontories. Your dress clinging loosely To the curves of your body. Your hair wrapping Around the corners of your face And sticking to your cheeks From the heat And the waterfall's spray Swirling up into the air … Continue reading The Girl on the Rocks

Country House

I planted a hundred mulberry trees And thirty acres of rice. Now I have plenty of silk and grain, And can afford to entertain my friends. In the spring I plant rice. In the  Autumn I gather chrysanthemums And perfume the  wine with their petals. My wife enjoys being hospitable. My children like to serve. … Continue reading Country House

The Signature of All Things (excerpt) Kenneth Rexroth

My head and shoulders, and my book In the cool shade, and my body Stretched bathing in the sun, I lie Reading beside the waterfall — Boehme’s “Signature of all Things.” Through the deep July day the leaves Of the laurel, all the colors Of gold, spin down through the moving Deep laurel shade all … Continue reading The Signature of All Things (excerpt) Kenneth Rexroth

When We With Sappho – Kenneth Rexroth

“. . . about the cool water the wind sounds through sprays of apple, and from the quivering leaves slumber pours down . . .” We lie here in the bee filled, ruinous Orchard of a decayed New England farm, Summer in our hair, and the smell Of summer in our twined bodies, Summer in … Continue reading When We With Sappho – Kenneth Rexroth