Dreams of the Tang Dynasty #1

#1 The moon shines like a phosphorescent pearl, Washing the pines and water in a silver glow. I've walked this wooded path many nights; Singing songs to the heavenly river above About this earthly river below. Sitting on my favorite rock, I write these words with water on stone, "How many years do I have … Continue reading Dreams of the Tang Dynasty #1


A Man

A man should strive for peace Yet be a violent as wild fire towards injustice. He should be gentle like a lamb, Yet bold as lions! He should deafen his ears to foolishness, Seek wisdom, and speak with discernment. A man should treat all life with respect, But take it from evil with a fury. … Continue reading A Man

If You Find It Don’t Tell Me

What place has gentleness In a world like this? What place has innocence? If you find it don't tell me. Don't tell anyone Keep it a secret. For I live in a world That only knows violence And I'm sure deep down This violence infects me too


We live our days indifferent To the ferocious violence around us And those who notice, state, That this is “just the way things are.” We are God’s children Living in a world That is an existential island And this is Lord of the Flies. We all LOVE… Ourselves We all HATE… Truth And we all … Continue reading Progress

Courage in a World Full of Darkness – A Short Story

The darkness had come for her with determination, and he had destroyed it without mercy and without question. He had drenched himself in the blood of evil men, for her. ……… We could make a good life here, Hezekiah thought as he sipped his morning tea on the veranda of the old Dutch Mission. An … Continue reading Courage in a World Full of Darkness – A Short Story