Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #17

#17 We boil spring water to make tea, Sitting on a grassy knoll above the water. The waterfall continues as it has always done, Ten thousand years with little change. How many lovers have sat as we have, Happy and content above this spring? I'm a cautious man, But this woman's a water dragon. She … Continue reading Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #17


Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #16

#16 Dragons Scale incense fills the air, I watch her morning rituals from the bed. Two fools who found each other in this life, And yet she still finds the time to pray. Holy priestess of the mountains, Fragrant blossom of the most precarious peaks. She has been overlooked by so many men, But only … Continue reading Dreams Of The Tang Dynasty #16

Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10

#10 The first days after the fields are planted, Peasant families all walk the river bank. Young boys show off their strength, Seeing who can climb the tallest trees. Young girls sit with their mothers, On bamboo mats in the grass. Five old men sit on a rotten log, Drinking cool wine and talking about … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #10


I've heard some say, Some alive, some dead, That they wished they could be A wolf, an eagle, or a lion. But I sit here on this rock, Blood running strong in my veins, Under the end of August sun, A young man, Free and with the world at my feet, Tell me, What more … Continue reading Manhood

The Mountains

Winding roads Plowed fields Lush green grass Happy cows Full streams And old houses sparsely littering the hills. I watch a young mountain boy Walking home with his fishing rod Big smile on his face. I can tell that he knows Life is deeply good, And I hope he remembers it.

Insomnia – Lu Yu

Even when I fall asleep early, My nights are long and full of bitterness. Tonight, tortured with insomnia, Memories of the past flood back Until they have exhausted me. Alone in the house beside a smokey lamp, I rub my heavy eyelids And idly turn the pages of my notebook. Again and again I scratch … Continue reading Insomnia – Lu Yu

The Sweat of a Restless Heart

Some days I wake up The sweat of a restless heart Already formed on my brow. My love says that I just run hot But I think sometimes It comes from my wild thoughts. I wake and want to sell Everything I have And take off into the unknown Which torments me so. Why wait … Continue reading The Sweat of a Restless Heart