Red Cliffs I. – Su Shih

First Prose Poem On The Red Cliffs In the autumn of 1082, on the 16th of the seventh month, Master Su and his guests sailed in a boat below the Red Cliffs. Clear wind blew gently, the water was calm. The boaters raised their wine and poured for each other, reciting "The Bright Moon" and … Continue reading Red Cliffs I. – Su Shih


At Night I Dream That You and I Are Two Plants That Grew Together

"At night I dream that you and I Are two plants that grew together" Pablo Neruda

Poems of an Executed Revolutionary

A LETTER TO LADY T'AO CH'IU All alone with my shadow I whisper and murmur to it, And write strange characters In the air, like Yin Hao. It is not sickness, nor wine, Nor sorrow for those who are gone, Like Li Ch'ing-chao, that causes A whole city of anxiety To rise in my heart. … Continue reading Poems of an Executed Revolutionary

Living in the Summer Mountains – Yu Xuanji

If I could travel back in time 1100 years, I would find this woman and marry her. Living in the Summer Mountains I have moved to this home of Immortals. Wild shrubs bloom everywhere. In the front garden, trees Spread their branches for clothes racks. I sit on a mat and float wine cups In … Continue reading Living in the Summer Mountains – Yu Xuanji

Music That Moves You (For Lovers)

Music that I have been digging lately. You won't be disappointed. Promise. Listen to it LOUD Alt-J Taro Local Natives - Airplanes Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me (cover) Kathleen Battle - Lovers And This “All I know is in sleep, I can taste and feel need. Life alone makes me shake, … Continue reading Music That Moves You (For Lovers)

Humans and Spiders and Love and Poetry

A Human Who Needs Other Humans She had sores on her face And her clothes did not fit her And she was running from group to group Drunk, and dirty, and clumsy. No one wanted to be near her And all the people snickered and laughed At her pitiful ways Then she came up to … Continue reading Humans and Spiders and Love and Poetry