Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #7

#7 Everyone in the capitol is a poet, No one in the capitol is a poet. The poetry which flickered inside me, Is buried now in an unmarked grave. I thought I saw her face on the street, But I see her face in everything. The mist creeps in over the mountains, I wish I could … Continue reading Dreams of The Tang Dynasty #7


View From The Cliffs

View From The Cliffs I climb the cold mountain by A steep path through the rocks, To my little cabin in The place where the clouds are born. I halt my cart and look out Over the forest of maples In the sunset. The frosted Leaves are more brilliant than Any flowers of spring .......... … Continue reading View From The Cliffs

She Smokes The Cigarette of Futility

She counts the trains Going by outside her window Like the minutes of her life And the love which Walked out her door So many times before. She smokes the cigarette of futility And wets her pillow with regret Waiting in the darkness For a man she will never see again. ........... Watched a movie … Continue reading She Smokes The Cigarette of Futility

Nothing Else

XLIII Two flowers in a letter The moon sinks into the far off hills. Dew drenches the bamboo grass. I wait. Crickets sing all night in the pine tree At midnight the temple bells ring. Wild geese fly overhead. Nothing else. -Marichiko LI Did you take me because you loved me? Did you take me … Continue reading Nothing Else

Looking Back: 12 Months of Poetry

Here are Poems that I wrote in the last 12 months or so (not as many poems as you may think) and have been in posts on this blog and on facebook. So for those of you that haven't read my poetry, here is a ton of it in one place to get a feel. … Continue reading Looking Back: 12 Months of Poetry